About Me

An exceptional selection of British Commonwealth sets currently available from stock together with a selection of seldom seen 'SPECIMEN' sets and better single items. The stock currently runs to thousands of items! Lists of inexpensive non-illustrated sets and singles are also being frequently added.

A stamp collector since 1963 I entered into full time stamp dealing in 1977 when I was employed by Stanley Gibbons. For 3 years I shared a shop in St. Martins Lane then opened in 1994 THE COVENT GARDEN STAMP SHOP. It was located right in the middle of London in the historic Covent Garden district. The shop was open for 15 years but due to the success of my group of websites I decided not to renew the lease for yet another 5 years in September 2009. The shop was turning into an office with the amount of orders generated by my websites! Although I no longer have a shop you can still call my office for a chat!

After having lived all my life in London in June 2012 I decided to "Escape to the Country" and now live in a detached Victorian mansion in the Devon countryside some 200 miles West of London. My office now occupies three of the six bedrooms! Having had the task of moving the stock from London I now know it weighs some four tons!

Order with confidence, I have been in stamp dealing full time for nearly 50 years!

I also maintain the following web sites: