Privacy Policy

As of May 2018 the European Privacy Laws changed. Your privacy is very important to me. In my over 40 years of stamp dealing I have never sold or traded my database of clients. Your information is never shared and is stored on a secure database. As I am a one man business no one has access to this database.

As a very busy one man business I have never ever sent out bulk emails! Sadly, regular contact from me will not happen, just too busy. However if something comes into stock, or a run of stock that I feel you might like to know about I might email you about this. This would be an individually typed email from me to you. In reality this might never happen but could be as frequent as twice a year.

When you place an order with me the moment you send the order you will receive an email confirmation from the system. I will then email you again when your order has been prepared and charged letting you know when your package will be in the mail to you. I'm sure you would like to know that.

Thus placing an order with me is your opt in agreement for me to email you.

Should you wish your details to be removed permanently from the database then please contact me by email or by letter and I will remove.

Thank you for trusting me with your information. I assure you of absolute confidentiality and integrity.